NOCCO USA in a new collaboration with Jonas Fors

The Swedish BCAA-beverage company NOCCO was launched in march earlier this year on the US market with the intention to expand in the largest economy of the world. NOCCO is a sugar- and carbohydrate free premium BCAA-beverage which through its great taste has become one of the leading brands in its niche in Europe.

– Since NOCCO entered the U.S. market earlier this year, the demand for premium products with BCAA’s has grown rapidly within the fitness community. One of many success factors behind the growth lies in the close collaboration with strong athletes and exercise enthusiasts sharing a passion for training in all sports including functional fitness, bodybuilding, weightlifting, fighting and fitness, Jennifer Sunnfors says.

Through this partnership, Jonas Fors becomes the first racing athlete to collaborate with NOCCO.  

– Last in line of ambassadors is the professional NASCAR driver Jonas Fors, who brought home 12 Swedish records during his first year in the racing series, Jennifer says. Driving race cars in speeds exceeding 200 mph, is definitely NOCCO Enough! Jonas Fors is the first NOCCO ambassador within racing and we are proud to have him on the team.” 

Throughout sports, beverage company sponsorships is an important milestone for every athlete. 

– This is beyond exciting, Jonas says. For any athlete, a beverage-sponsorship, especially from a well-known brand, is a great verification. It is a proof of achievement in your career. To work with such an exciting and expanding brand in the United States feels amazing.

The collaboration includes the sugar- and carbohydrate free flavors Caribbean, Tropical and Peach, which all includes 180 milligram of caffeine, and the caffeine free Apple flavor.

– We will help NOCCO USA to grow, Jonas says. We’re hoping to take this collaboration further. The first phase is to show NOCCO that we are a strong ally, and give a hint of what we can achieve long-term together, so that NOCCO will feel confident to continue the collaboration with us and our sport.  

The NOCCO athlete team is spread all over the USA and NOCCO will continue to support them in their ambitions. 

– It has been a fantastic year and so great to see the passion and commitment from our ambassadors. We have signed over 50 athletes all over the USA this year. We look forward to work even closer with the team, supporting them in their future success and together spread the love for NOCCO”, says Ben Jones, CEO NOCCO USA.