I’m very happy that you take your time to drop by,

Therefore I am writing this biography as a personal letter to you.


is pretty much the definition of ”middle of nowhere”

but her beauty as one of the islands outside of Stockholm makes her too idyllic in the summer to not pay a visit.

02. THE

Nan Fors, is a car enthusiast and a waitress from Karlskoga.  She has always been a core support throughout my career even though she prefer not to attend the races. 

Mikael Fors, is a sheet metal worker and a former street racer from the suburbs of Stockholm. He is probably the person with the most passion for the sport you can find. He have been my greatest source of inspiration.

Personality wise,
I let the picture talk for it self.


The plastic wheels
and excited holler of us few kids made a lot of noice around the neighbourhood as we tried to go as fast as possible.

we only had three neighbours at Klacknäset in 1996.

This was were three year old me fell in love with the freedom behind the wheel.


inside of the helmet of seven yearold me. 

Here  you see my first rival and racing friend, Oliver Abrahamsson to whom I credit my strive to always break later and go faster.

”What a way to start the season” I thought then.
”What a way to start a career” I think now.


At 12-years of age the money came into play big time on our sport.

My dad told me:
”We’ve always bought old junk and tried to make the best out of it, since we’ve never been able to afford new or working things”

I had a blast and learned a lot
But we couldn’t afford to be even close to compeditive until I started to work at the summers and put some own money into the sport in 2009. 

06. THE

I was at the time leading  the regional championship,
fighting for a podium position in the national series, when I suddenly found myself up-side down.

I was rushed to the ER,
with severe viceral damages on lungs and liver.

I was hospitalized for a week
The only thing that I thought about was either call it and quit the sport since I’ve had a blast for 11 years already, or to get that helmet on again and make every decision from now on to advance as far as possible in the racing ladder.


I raced just two weeks after the accident, recovered enough to make it but not enough to win.  I finished second to my former teammate and rival Fredd Eriksson. 

In the final race of the series
I was down in points, but I was finally recovored. The final race of the season was eventful but I had thousands of laps on the track. We’ve also had luck on the second hand market where we had came over pretty good equipment. With a few remaining laps I took the lead and held it to the finish.

Man, that guy knew how to push my limits
The win meant that Fredd and I were even in points, even in wins but I won the last race which gave me the championship. 


2012 was my last season in karting and in 2013
I got the opportunity to do some part time endurance 
racing with TeamA and the Oscarsson family.

TeamA were crowned champions in the Swedish Endurance Championship that year.


In the end of 2013 I bought a Camaro to start our own family team.

My dad, uncle Stefan and cousin Kevin together with childhood Friend Albin and neighbor Uffe come together to fire up our V8 Thunder Cars effort.

Mom did a great job with our logistics all from the beginning and half a year later Hans-Anders Almén came aboard as our technical anchor. My girlfriend at the time, Ida Karlsson and her stepdad Per Johansson took a lot of killer photos like this.

Per Oscarsson and Sören Bexander did some guestplays for some races and Emil Ramström, close friend of Albin, joined in 2015. 


It’s a well-known fact that me and my dad are two strong individuals and when our ambitions doesn’t comply completely tempers fly.

This together with a racing industry on a downfall in Sweden forced me to either close shop or move the business somewhere else after the season of 2016.

Knowing that this might be my last season in the sport, I raced my heart out and ended third in the Aspen Junior Challenge and was awarded Driver Progress of the Year.


I had the most amazing vacation in the western USA in the end of 2016 with my girlfriend at the time.

A specific visit at Las Vegas Motor Speedway left an emotional mark in me, since I’ve been dreaming of racing these arenas since I was a kid.

That reminded me on the last year in Karting when I went to a V8TC race.  Now I know that emotion as the signal to move on. 

A hundred calls and emails later to teams around the US, I got an opportunity for a tryout for Patriot Motorsports Group in Idaho the year after. 


First off I tested a hornet car to prove that I could drive around the tiny 1/8 -mile Meridian Speedway. I still remembering laughing all the way around the track in this car.

Team Manager Kent Smith approved me to do some laps in their Modified car in which I was a tenth of a second slower than the ace of the team, Stafford Smith.

That same Wednesday it was decided that I on Saturday were doing my first race in the NAPA Big 5 Late Model series, the highest series in the state.


The race was rough and I finished third in the feature,

which obviously left some impression because when I landed in Stockholm again three days later I was offered an opportunity:

to live at the Smith family end the season of 2017 in the regional championship, NASCAR K&N Pro Series West.


I raced a total of three races that fall, one Late Model race with the K&N car and the two last races of the calandar in K&N Pro Series West. Those races earned me two Swedish records:

Best race finish in K&N Pro Series
Most laps completed in K&N Pro Series

But also three Nordic records:
Youngest Nordic Stock car driver at a professional level
Youngest Nordic driver in K&N Pro Series
Best Series result in K&N Pro Series


I just couldn’t understand how I went from Hornets, to Modifieds, through Late Models and K&N Pro Series to ARCA Menard Series in the period of 16 weeks.

In January 2018 my childhood dream of passing 300 km/h at Daytona International Speedway was realized. Patriot Motorsports Group fired up this new project to enter ARCA.

I got approved for Speedways in ARCA Menards Series, the fourth division in the NASCAR ladder.


Kimmel Racing offered me a seat at the ARCA race in Indianapolis. We were running a older, heavier steel car with a older engine pakage, but we still managed to beat our competition and also a couple of the newer cars.

I remember learning more in that race from Will Kimmel than I did for three seasons in V8TC.

We also ended up with breaking all five nordic records in ARCA that race.


”Don’t you get that you can’t make all this by yourself stupid?”
my childhood friend Sebastian told me.  

I had until then never thought about it but then Sebastian Tiittanen and our other friend from way back Christoffer Englund layed the foundation to my management in late 2018. From then I always regard my career and efforts as ”ours” and talk about us as a ”we”.

We’re still building it, both the active force and the advisory board. When you’re one of the top 300 in the USA and want to advance you need all help you can get.


The first of May in 2019 I became a full time professional when I quitted my office job as a purchaser.

Three years in conference rooms and hundreds of negotiations teach you a lot about business, a competence that earlier had been missing in my family.

We got an opportunity to test and race with Fast Track Racing and Andy Hillenburg and got approved to race in ARCA at all tracks and to start at Road Courses in NASCAR Gandor Truck Series.


A premiere in NASCAR Xfinity Series is just around the corner of a successful ARCA race on a road course.
To make that happen we need bold sponsors on our pit box and devoted supporters in the stands.

In the mean time I want to:

Create memories for you

Remind you to follow your dreams

Set your heart on fire